It could be argued that it might be unwise to start a literary career with a novel offering as wild a ride as Stone Flag.  After all, how many bands began their oeuvre with a double album?  (If this analogy is hopelessly out of date, let me spill the beans by announcing that CDs didn't come out til I was well into college.)  To address this disparity, I have recently written a second novel, The Hornburg Variations, which follows the events at a reclusive alpine estate through various periods of history.  The idea was to apply my literary penchants to a plot stuffed with more reliable commercial appeal.  You know, establish my name under more market-friendly auspices, then follow up with the big artistic statement.

I realize it sounds like the inevitable sell-out, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Anyone reading even a few pages of my material would appreciate the aim is to write from a level of understanding well below the topical needs of your standard potboiler.  So yes, The Hornburg Variations deals with ghosts, Nazis, missing treasure, Hollywood actors, murder, Napoleonic noblemen, tragic shipwrecks, and yo-yos.  Not necessarily in that order.

Let me know what you think!

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